Eine neue

Since 2009 Zeit für Brot stands for a modern craftmanship of bread baking. We bake right in front of our customers — with passion and the finest Bioland organic quality ingredients.

Our bakeries are places of vivid craftsmanship to enjoy freshly baked goods and look over the shoulders of our bakers.

At Zeit für Brot we give bread what it needs to be its best: the very best ingredients, rest, and care.


All of our baking is done in-house, and only using Bioland quality ingredients, with a long dough process and all by hand. Our recipes contain neither chemical additives nor artificial enzymes. A passion for high quality, artisanal and slow baking drives us every day. Together this makes the difference you can taste.


We believe in sustainable management. Since our founding, we have been a member of Bioland and source all our ingredients from organic farming. We use green power and save on transport routes because we bake right in the heart of the city. We are part of Slow Food Germany, are committed to good, clean and fair food for everyone and are conscious in our approach to food: we don't let any food go to waste. We donate it.

For us, sustainability also means setting new standards in the way we work together. We invest in apprenticeships and long-term relationships with our employees.


Our bakeries embrace the essence of our craft. The glass-fronted baking area allows you to experience bread culture in a variety of ways: not only to taste it, but to see, hear, and smell it as well. We welcome spectators large and small and are always happy to chat about the sourdough process.

We feel closely connected to the surrounding communities and invite everyone to enjoy the atmosphere of our bakeries.



We embody a new tradition. We stand for time-honored craft baking techniques, newly interpreted. Our product range and the design of our bakeries are in the spirit of the times — as well as the way we work together each day. We live out diversity, transparency, and cooperation on an equal footing.

We embrace change and new ideas. But without ever losing the quality and connection to the traditional bakery trade.